My Top Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Tips

I decided to pick up Elder Scrolls Online and I have to say that I am really glad I did. I heard some negative reviews about the game so I was originally reluctant to pick it up, but I have to say it is really fun. They must have improved the game significantly since beta because the game feels really polished.


I ended up going with Dragonknight after I read the guide on it over on I have to say that I found the controls a little complex, but I have learned a lot since I started playing. As a result, I wanted

Tip #1. Be Sure to Level Multiple Weapons & Use Weapon Skills

One thing that struck me as unusual in ESO that I did not pick up on at first is that there are two resource types: Magicka and Stamina. Initially, I thought that Magicka was for magic abilities and Stamina was for physical abilities. As a result, I thought that when I chose Dragonknight (as class that is sort of tanking-oriented) that I would be playing a physical class.

However, when I actually got down to it, I found that Dragonknight skills actually used Magicka. Meanwhile, the skills unlocked via the weapon skill trees end up costing stamina. I must have been level 10 before I realized that all of the good damage-dealing stamina-using skills for the Dragonknight were unlocked in the general weapons trees rather than in the individual Dragonknight trees.

You will want to level up both 2-handed and 1-hand sword and shield at a minimum. The 2-handed traits deal really good damage and are great for PvP, while the 1-hand sword and shield traits are necessary to tank just about anything in ESO.

Tip #2. Only Tank With 1-H Sword and Shields

Threat works very unusual in ESO. You really have no way to tank even as a Dragonknight without abilities from the 1-hand Sword and Shield skill line. One of the basic abilities doubles as a 15-second taunt (!) which is great for holding the enemy’s attention. On the other hand, there are really no “threat generating” skills. It seems like you have to hold hate by making sure to apply this ability on every enemy you want to tank at least once every 15 seconds.

Tip #3. Grab Zygor Guides

Another thing that really helped me was Zygor Guides. I picked it up after reading some reviews around the internet and I have to say it has made leveling up a LOT easier. I was always worried about missing quests and discovering quests days after I had already progressed through the zone. Now, with Zygor Guides, it shows me exactly where I need to go to pick up and complete quests in an efficient order. I never woryr about where to go next or missing quests since it guides me everywhere. It seems funny but it does reduce my anxiety about “missing something” as I progress through the game and makes the experience much more enjoyable.


I Found a Tinnitus Cure

Since you know I like to do a lot of work with power tools as I mentioned in my plasma cutter post, over time I have been developing tinnitus. I usually try to wear ear plugs as often as I can when I work, but in my younger days I spent a lot of time without proper protection and in my older age I am starting to lose my hearing.

As my hearing has gotten worse, I began to have ringing in the ears. Even when wearing protection, if I use any piece of equipment which sends vibrations through my body, I undoubtedly started getting tinnitus.

Fortunately though, I have found a tinnitus cure. It is actually a funny story = my doctor recommended that I take fish oil to help reduce inflammation and improve my ulcer pains, and while the fish oil did nothing for my ulcer, it practically eliminated my tinnitus!

Apparently ringing in the ears is not only related to ear damage but body-wide inflammation. As I began to take fish oil, the ringing in my ears all but went away except for about 15 minutes after using power tools. I finally can hear what my kids and wife are saying when they are in the other room and I do not have to issue an annoyed “what?” whenever I perceive someone else as mumbling in my presence, which really just equates to them not looking at me talk so I cannot read their lips! Now I can actually hear things again so this is no longer an issue! I will be taking fish oil as long as I can remember.

My Favorite Battlefield 3 Guide and Strategies

Battlefield 3 is very popular on PC as well as X-Box 360 and PS3.

Battlefield 3 is one of the new FPS games that came out late in 2011, and it is definitely my favorite. While Modern Warfare 3 is fun too, Battlefield 3 is just more competitive and had better players online it seems like.

If you happen to read something like this Battlefield 3 guide, it is pretty easy to understand why. In Battlefield 3 you get access to real military vehicles which need several people to control. You might take a tank for example with 4 people. Two people might use the gun’s turrets, another drives the tank, and an engineer will repair the tank as it gets damaged. This all requires a lot of coordination and is not something you will find in other games.

One of the more popular game modes in Battlefield 3 is something known as Rush mode. This basically pits one team on offense and one team on defense, tasking the team on offense with destroying two targets and the team on defense to defend these targets. This feels a lot more “war like” than other FPS games as players have to make a coordinated effort to assault a target.

In other games, you are mostly just running around and shooting at other players. There is not much strategy involved at all but rather you simply need to work on being very fast with aiming and firing.

Battlefield 3 also gives you a lot of weapon customization options. There are three different things you can add to your weapon and there are 10 choices for each slot. This means that there are around 1000 combinations you can have for each kit in the game. This means that players rarely have the same build when you play in games. In Modern Warfare, it seems like everyone chooses between 4 or 5 popular weapons with the same sorts of perks.

My Plasma Cutter Review Experience

Plasma Cutter Reviews

A picture of the plasma cutter in all of its glory!

Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big do-it-yourselfer. I love home improvement and nothing makes me happier than spending a nice weekend day out in the shop working on a new project. For awhile now I have had my eye on a plasma cutter. If you hadn’t heard of these, you aren’t alone – basically they are high-tech blowtorches that only recently have been scaled down to the size where a guy like me could get one for the shop.

Since I love gadgets, I knew I had to check out some plasma cutter reviews to figure out what cutter was right for me. I settled on the Lotos LT5000D and couldn’t be happier. It really came in handy over the weekend when I was cutting out some supports for my new patio. Now I can say I am the only guy on the block with a steel-reinforced patio, which is pretty nice.

Now that I am done gloating over my own handiwork, I have to say again that I cannot get over how cool plasma cutters are. The technology itself is amazing – the cutter moves pressurized air at an extremely fast speed, and then runs an electrical arc through the current. The pressure and speed of the gas combined with the electrical current causes some of the air to pull electrons from surrounding molecules and become what is known as plasma. Plasma then forms a semi-solid “material” – not quite a liquid, but not quite a gas – truly a fourth state of matter.

Now given the speed at which this gas is being expelled, the plasma actually ends up flowing at a rate of over 9,000 miles per hour (not even a DBZ joke – that’s really the stats!). This plasma can then cut through steel.. and let me tell you, it’s like a hot knife through butter. The speed of the plasma actually really does come in handy, because it blows the molten metal away from the cut so it doesn’t stick to the piece you are cutting. You get a lot smoother cut that way for those that have never welded.

I would say the only downside to the plasma cutter is that you have to wear a mask. Of course, you have to wear electrical protection when you are doing any sort of welding – I am only complaining because it has been extremely hot and dry in New Mexico lately, and putting on a welder’s mask and working over a hot flame in the midst of summer gets a little tiring after awhile!

Maybe I Just Need Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn Remedies

This cartoon is the embodiment of my recent life.

Well, if you remember my saga about stomach ulcers, turns out I don’t have a stomach ulcer after all. I went to my doctor and he simply told me to make more careful note of my symptoms over the next few weeks. I kept a log and brought it into him, and he said I was just experiencing simple heartburn.

He wanted me to start on a medication but, being the anti-establishment politico that I am, I went hunting for information on the internet and found these great heartburn remedies. The chewing a piece of gum thing really works to get rid of my acid reflux.. and it works fast! Now that dish of food by my bed has been replaced with a pack of gum.

However, I do not particularly take solace in the idea that I might have gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD. I have been working on making the lifestyle changes necessary to remedy my heartburn naturally.

The first thing I started with was keeping a food journal. For the last few weeks I have recorded exactly what I have been eating and whether or not I developed symptoms shortly afterwards. I now am 100% certain that I am going to get heartburn if I eat pasta sauce, drink orange juice, or have more than 3 cups of coffee in the morning (not that I should be drinking more than 3 cups of coffee in a day, but who’s counting?).

Even avoiding these foods (as best I can – I still and will always have a love-hate relationship with pizza), I still get heartburn on occasion. Fortunately there are a few things that I have not tried yet, so there is still hope. For example, apparently being a little overweight (that’s me) can lead to heartburn. Given that this heartburn diet has practically removed everything “bad” from my diet,I think weight loss is sure to follow. I have found that walking after dinner also helps with my acid reflux a lot, so that should also help me lose weight as well.

There is one more thing I have not yet tried and that is elevating my bed. Supposedly by lifting the bed up on an incline you can actually keep reflux down in the stomach. My heartburn is worse when lying down so this really appeals to me. However, there are still two obstacles to this – I haven’t yet been to the hardware store to measure out boards and I still need to run this whole bed-raising thing by the Mrs. I think she might not be jump on board right away, but she will warm up to the idea eventually!g

I think I have Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

The pain feels something like this!

Lately, I have been woken up in the middle of night with serious burning stomach pain. Usually it is around 4-5 am. It feels like a tight, gnawing pain and it keeps me awake until I get something small to eat. I have been in the habit of keeping a little food by my bedside, and when I wake up to use the bathroom, I eat the food so I can sleep in peace.

Recently I was browsing around the internet and ended up reading these stomach ulcer symptoms. It turns out that they match the exact symptoms I have. The pain getting worse on an empty stomach was a dead ringer for me, and the only thing that made it feel better was food. This is exactly what was described on the website.

This really scared me at first because when I thought of stomach ulcers, or peptic ulcers as they are known medically, the first thing I thought of was surgery. My stomach sunk (pun intended) when I rolled over that possibility in my mind. I was literally sick to my stomach (okay I’m done) when considering the possible treatment options I was going to have to go through.

Fortunately, I discovered that an otherwise healthy person does not have a difficult time dealing with a stomach ulcer. Apparently most stomach ulcers are caused by a bacterium known as H pylori, and you can get rid of ulcers just by getting rid of that infection. Pretty neat, huh?

So, I read that you can just drink a bitter liquid and breath into some fancy machine to get tested for H pylori, and its instant. If you test positive the doctor will just write a prescription for a few antibiotics and that’s that!

Apparently you can just take a proton-pump inhibitor (which are available over the counter where I live) and that will very quickly get rid of your stomach ulcer symptoms. However, you have to deal with the bacterial infection if you really want to get rid of the ulcer for good.

This makes me a lot more confident about my condition as now I know that the treatment process is pretty benign. Just knowing that my condition is fairly easy to treat makes dealing with these stomach ulcer symptoms much easier!