But to give your digestive system a good, healthy mix or variety, why don’t you add dried fruits, like apples, pears and apricots, and raisins and currants to the mix too. Be brave and try the prunes as well. Sorry about the pits, that’s nature’s fault. Speaking of which, and this is why you need to be brave with those juicy prunes. They help you to be regular. Like really, really regular, if you catch the drift.

And sorry about the whiff. You’ll get over it. This is what happens when you’ve never really taken good care of your required and recommended healthy and balanced eating habits. Too much red meat perhaps? Or burgers and fries and greasy pizza slices? Anyhow, just step aside for a moment folks because this is something for the other folks. They’re a tad unusual, but soon enough you’ll get used to them, so don’t mind them.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even join them. But you might need to be brave for this too. All the bulk cashews, almonds, pecans, and an entire army of nuts that you can lay your hands on; that’s welcome news for all the vegans out there. Vegans are those folks who don’t touch the meat. In fact, all food sources, even if they’re healthy, that are traced all the way back to the animal, preferably free-range, from whence it came, are strict no-no’s. So, in order for them to compensate for their lack of high protein content in their diet, usually derived from meat, they can feast on the nuts.

bulk cashews

Of course, it won’t be a feast as such, because it really doesn’t take much to fill you up with nuts. But do lay off the salted ones, that’s a definite no-no.